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On behalf of Preferred Landmark Home Services, LLC  and Preferred Pest Control LLC 8315,  we welcome you to Arizona as you begin your exciting search for a new home. It can be a lot of fun for people who have worked hard and deserve that special place to relax and enjoy some leisure in life.  However, making that decision on the move can be stressing with such a big investment on the line. Well, we want to be more than just a company who did a quality home inspection for you. We stand ready to assist you in any way we can to help you find your way around. A good, solid, detailed and trustworthy Arizona Real Estate Agent is one thing you definitely need to get started. Well, in addition to a solid home inspector for your home inspection needs, that is.

More to the point.  In the journey as a local business owner of a Pest Control Company and Home Inspection Company we have had plenty of exposure to some of the finest Real Estate Agents around. These are people we or our customer’s have personal knowledge about. It’s important to us who we put our name on, and we only recommend the best. We only accept referrals from agents on our approved referral source list.

We know there are lots of worries and concerns to boggle your mind, but I am guessing that between our own services in home inspection and pest control, coupled with our excellent real estate professional recommendations, you are going to be stress free soon.  You will have a lot of help on your hands.

If you need anything at all to get connected in the community, contact me anytime 520-499-6033.  I mean it; that’s not just business promo talk. I am confident you will find our recommended Real Estate Agents feel the same way. Great people helping other great people find their way in a new home and community they will love.

Let’s get started with some great Real Estate Agents that will really take care of you all the way. You can’t have a home inspection until you have a home. Just remember to call me when you do. Carl Hamilton loves him some home inspections!



Alphabetical order by first name.

Recommended Real Estate Agents for Tucson, Green Valley, Rio Rico, Sahuarita and surrounding areas in Southern Arizona. These areas have a large 55 plus community. Another good resource in your home search may be as well.  If at first you find assisted communities, keep searching. It is a resource for homes in 55 plus communities as well. Home Inspections and Pest Control available in the above listed areas.

Joe Longo with Copper View Realty

Joette Schenck Home Smart Pros

Julie Agraz Home Smart Pros

Julie Howell Long Realty

Linda Niederkorn with Coldwell Banker

Meg Flanders with Home Smart Pros

Michelle Metcalf Remax

Nancy Derheim with Sunset View Realty

Rita Collier with Coldwell Banker

Sandy Crane Long Realty

Sofia Gil Realty Executives

Susan Derlein with Long Realty

Victoria Edwards-Barger with Copper View Realty


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