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When you are new to an area, it is a stressful thing not to know where to find trusted vendor’s, and we understand that. We have developed a list of vendor’s we know or our customer’s have consistently recommended as high quality and trustworthy vendors. We have a one strike policy if a vendor performs poorly. Please provide feedback that we can share with the community. We have a one strike policy when a company fails to perform satisfactorily. Email us at

Licensed and Certified Arizona Termite and Home Inspector (Guaranteed Inspection with Warranties) No other inspector offers more.  If you aren’t referred to us for your inspection, you need to ask: why not? Anything else is just a walk through.  Don’t just get referred, get preferred!  If you are informed we are not available; you better call and hear it directly from us. Check out why by following the link below.

A. Carl Hamilton III  520-499-6033 at

Licensed Termite and General Pest Control

Kevin or Carl Hamilton of Preferred Pest Control, LLC (8315) at 520-399-1525

Licensed Professional Pool Services

Robert Telford with Green Valley Pools & Spas, LLC (520) 625-0266

Carl Hamilton (Pool Inspections Only) 520-499-6033

Licensed Heating and Cooling

Brandon with Innovative Air Solutions LLC   208-850-9317

Oasis Air Conditioning and heating, Inc. 520-648-1755

Green Valley Heating & Cooling 520-625-1234

Licensed Drain Cleaning and Repair Services:

Cody Abrams with Silverado Plumbing of Green Valley, AZ 520-625-6888

Licensed Plumbing Contractors

Tim Trosper with Green Valley Plumbing 520-625-8796

Licensed General Contractors

Michael Bartoletti with CMB, LLC 520-850-7722 or

Gary Cooper with S and S Constructors, Inc 520- 648-0685


Shane Still with JS Electric  970-405-2217

Goble Electric

Michael Bartoletti with CMB, LLC 520-850-7722 or

Landscapers and General Yard Help

Jose Aramburo of Rambo Landscaping, Inc at Phone: (520) 398-9624

Nancy Ann Diaz of C & D Landscaping (520) 398-2623

Irrigation Systems

Jose or Miguel Sarabia at 520-988-5273

Mold Inspection, Remediation and Inspection

Carl Hamilton 520-499-6033 (Mold Inspection and Testing)

Tyler  Servpro

Oscar Pasos of EMS Mold, Water, Fire (520) 791-7904


El Shaddai Roofing

Rene Matus with RAD Roofing and Construction, LLC at 520-1190 or cell 444-5765

Santa Rita Roofing at 520- 648-6050

Legends HOA Recommended Service Providers  Click here


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